Leh Ladakh Tour Package

Are you planning your long-awaited trip to Leh-Ladakh? It may look breathtaking in the images, but it’s an extremely cold region so you have to be prepared for it in advance. Here are some important notes for people who have booked a Leh Ladakh Tour package this season:

Get familiar with higher altitudes

At such higher altitude, there are chances that you may get Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), so please keep the following points in mind:

– Get yourself medically checked before the trip. Only physically fit individuals are best known to survive such extreme weather conditions.

– When trekking, it is better to increase your altitude gradually. This ensures you’re getting much-needed rest while hiking.

– Once you are in Leh, do take around 24-36 hours of rest to get familiar with such low atmospheric pressure zone.

– People with health conditions like blood pressure, asthma, and other breathing problems must abstain this trip.

– Avoid being dehydrated. You need to drink a lot of water to keep your body well hydrated to avoid AMS.

Basic Necessitates:

When travelling to Leh Ladhak, you need to pack these essential things in your luggage to survive in such extreme weather:

– You must carry at least two to three pullovers and jackets with you. Plus, woolen gloves, socks, caps, and other warm inner wear are also recommended.

– The sun rays are very harsh here, so keep your sunblock and sun caps with you.

– Soaps and towels are needed to maintain necessary hygiene.

– Do pack some important medicines, as well as a first aid kit to help you in emergency situations.

– Medicines such as Diamox, Avomine, etc.are useful in countering AMS.

– Don’t forget to pack your waterproof shoes for trekking – as the region has plenty of water streams on the way.

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