Cheap and best hotel in Dharamshala

Surrounded by the majestic upper Himalayan Ranges, Dharamshala is a beautiful city offering ample attractions to nature admirers, adventure lovers, and other tourists. This place has Central Tibetan Administration and Dalai Lama’s residence.

Making Indo-Tibetan relations quite relevant, you can see the dominance of Tibetan food and culture in many eateries and places. Due to the pleasant environment and scenic landscapes, this place is a must-go for travellers for sightseeing, tea tasting, and participating in many adventure activities.

Things to do in Dharamshala:


There are many trekking trails in this region, such as Triund Trek, Kareri Lake Trek, etc. This makes it a perfect place for trekkers to hike and enjoy the beauty of natural vistas.


If you’d like to experience the nature closely, camping is a really good option for travellers. You can hire or bring your own tents for staying on different campsites in the region. It is recommended to go for camping only in summer or when the weather is pleasant.


In Dharamshala, many tour operators provide visitors facility to paragliding on different scenic locations. It is a great and fun activity to pump up your adrenaline that often comes with any thrilling sport.

A trip to Kangra Valley

For sightseeing or tea tasting, you can take a tour to Kangra Valley. You can hire a guide to take you through various amazing locations in the city.

Cheap and best hotels in Dharamshala:

When planning to visit Dharamshala, there is no need to spend all your money on an expensive hotel, You can find a cheap and best hotel in Dharamshala for a comfortable yet affordable stay. Some of the good budget-friendly hotels in Dharamshala are Sky Pie, Hotel Holiday Hill, Incredible Villa, Dhaulashar Heights, etc.